Xbox One Update: Party Chat, System Tweaks In New Firmware Fix- What's Next?

By Alex Riviello , Updated May 12, 2014 11:20 AM EDT

Two updates in two weeks? Yep, Microsoft is at it again, fixing features that should have come with the Xbox One's launch.

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Microsoft has been releasing major updates every month since release in order to catch up on much-requested features. The lack of Party Chat in the Xbox One was one of the most confusing of them all, since it's a feature that the PS4 (and even the XBox 360!) had at launch. When it finally hit as a seperete app on the console and allowed gamers to chat with up to seven friends during gameplay, owners reported numerous issues with the service, as they weren't able to connect to friends and faced restrictions while playing certain titles. 

Month by month Microsoft has been tweaking and changing things and for the most part everything is running as it should now, although the Party Chat feature still has a number of known bugs. This new update will fix one of the worst, where Party Chat could become muted.

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This "Version 1405" update is out at previewers now and is expected to be available for the general public shortly. It will also change the console's "Get System Update" button so the option is now greyed-out if there is no system update to download, and fix issues where Game DVR clips would record without audio.

Here's the full list of improvements and fixes from Dualshockers-

-Updates to help address issues where Game DVR clips may be recorded without audio.
-Underlying OS changes required to enable planned 1405 features.
-Get System Update button change. This update changes how the system update button works under Settings->System. Now the button will say “No update available” and be greyed out when there is no update, and it will say “Update console” and be active when an update is available.
-Update to address issues some issues users noticed where Party Chat would be quiet unless the Party App is snapped.

Expect more new features to hit the Xbox One in the main update next month. What would you like to see then? Auto sign-in? Third party usb storage support?

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