'GTA 5' Sales Records Led Way To Hugely Positive Fiscal Year For Take Two Interactive

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated May 13, 2014 07:21 PM EDT

While Nintendo's end-of-year financial reports were not exactly glowing and have impacted the famous developer, Take-Two Interactive has posted very positive news for 2014.

Despite Fantastic PS4 Sales, Sony Looking At Big Loss Overall

The company nearly doubled its net revenue over last year according to Game Informer, largely due to the record-breaking success of Grand Theft Auto 5. The game achieved higher sales more quickly than any game before it, and led the way to $2.351 billion in revenue, a 94 percent increase.

Within a month of its launch, GTA V became the best-selling adventure game of all time, the record best-selling video game across all genres, and the fastest property of any type to net $1 billion. It also set records for a one-day period, and is closing in on $2 billion in sales.

Nintendo Struggles Financially Due Mainly To Poor Wii U Sales

Take-Two turned around a $29 million loss to a $361.6 million gain in net income, which is a record best for the company.

Rockstar's violent open-world shooter did not carry Take-Two forward on its own though, even with sales that impressive. NBA 2K14, Borderlands 2, and BioShock Infinite were the other sales leaders, all contributing to the very positive fiscal year.

Game Informer states that Take-Two is expecting another positive period in 2015, though not necessarily reaching quite the same heights. The sales for a game as huge as GTA V don't come every year, though the property still can be expanded (and has not yet been launched on PC), but Take-Two is confident in posting a profit again next March.

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