The Legend Of Zelda 'Hyrule Warriors' News: Official Character Descriptions Arrive For 'Exceptionally Strong' Link & Cast [VIDEO]

By Luke Caulfield , Updated May 25, 2014 03:20 PM EDT

The official site for Hyrule Warriors went live recently, but thanks to a combination of the site being not entirely complete, written in Japanese (go figure), and my own high school level comprehension of spanish, there wasn't a whole lot we could learn from it for the time being. That time has now come to a close thanks to a translation finally being made available.

A Bevy of New Details Revealed for Hyrule Warriors -- New Characters, Villains, Story Details, Weapons, and More!

NeoGAF member StreetsAhead was kind enough to provide the translation in question of the character profiles that have been revealed so far. He admits the translations are a little "rough," so if you're feeling up to the challenge, you can check out the descriptions at the original site here and see if they're up to snuff.

In the mean time, you can read the translated info below:

Developer Tecmo Koei Plans on Hyrule Warriors Being a Major Hit for the Wii U

"Link, The Hero - Link is an exceptionally strong soldier in the Royal Army of Hyrule. The power of the Triforce of Courage hides within. He is a kind individual who can speak with fairies and he has within him a strong sense of justify that makes hi firmly stands his ground against evil, even if they are stronger than he. He mostly uses a nimble battle style that relies on footwork to mess with his opponents. In this game, he can make use of various weapons, but his main weapon will always be a speed-type sword."

"Impa, Commanding Officer of the Hyrule Imperial Guard - Impa is the commanding officer of the Hyrule Imperial Guard. She is the attendant and vassal of the Princess Zelda. Leader of a family charged with supporting Hyrule's royal family from the shadows, she cares not for herself, and works exhaustively for the family and the Princess. Starting from pulling out her long sword back handed, she disposes of her enemies with exact precision in quick, feverish succession. She is a sword master, with precise movements and footwork."

"Shia, The Black Witch - An evil witch, who had her good soul chased out of her by dark forces. She has a strong sense of self, clearly states her desires, and a provocative and aggressive personality. She wants to make the whole world hers, but especially she wants to make Link hers."

"Wizro, The Dark Sorcerer - A ring that increased its power over many centuries by luring in numerous owners and absorbing their powers, Wizro was reborn as a sorcerer with Shia's dark magic. It has pledged allegiance to Shia, who is effectively its mother, however, it has a tendency to follow those in power thanks to its many experiences. Wizro will attack with magic pulses like bullets, or magic from up above."

"Valga, The Incandescent Evil Warrior - Valga is a close associate of Shia's. He traded his good soul for incredible strength in a deal with her. Differing from Wizro, Valga will face you head on like a true soldier, believing he can win. He looks for strong opponents and 'heats up' any battle he is in. With his lance, reminiscent of a dragon's claw, and a bellowing war cry he will come at you with heavy blows repeatedly."

If you missed Hyrule Warriors' reveal, check out the announcement trailer below and see if you think the game has what it takes to help pull the Wii U out of its slump.

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