'Surgeon Simulator' iPad News: New Alien Autopsy Update Puts E.T. Under The Knife [VIDEO]

By Luke Caulfield , Updated May 29, 2014 03:43 PM EDT

After an overwheming amount of requests from fans, Bossa Studios has finally delivered the alien patient Gworb to the iPad version of Surgeon Simulator, as promised. Because performing a basic appendectomy on a mere human with improved touch screen controls was just too easy…

Unlocking the Alien Surgery in Surgeon Simulator

Originally only avaialble on the PC version of the game, players had to jump through quite a few hoops in a mind bending alternate reality game to unlock the surgery. Luckily, iPad players won't have to go through the same process.

The new level comes as a free update to those who already have the game, and will be available upon purchase for new owners. A press release detailed the surgery's specific features:

Real Doctor Plays Surgeon Simulator, Hilarity Ensues

* In one NEW level, our (un)lucky patient Bob has disappeared on a well-deserved vacation, and in his place is Gworb, our friendly interplanetary visitor.
* Alien Gworb has six impossible-to-pronounce organs that you'll need to replace in order to patch him up and send him on his way.
* Six new transplants means six new achievements. Be warned, these are not for the faint hearted!

Already a hit on PC, the iPad version of Surgeon Simulator performed just as well, having reached the Top 3 overall in all English-speaking countries, as well as the Top 5 overall in 49 countries since its March launch.

Thanks to a previously released localization update, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, and Portuguese speaking players can all butcher Bob and Gword to their hearts content. No such luck yet for Martian speakers...

Still haven't grabbed the game yet? Well, if the appeal of aliens has swayed you, then feel free to download it here for $5.99, and ifyou're having a bit of difficulty performing the surgeries correctly on the new out of this world patient, consult the video below.

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