'Battlefield Hardline' E3 2014 Beta Available Now, EA Launches Limited Playtest For PS4 Players, New Gameplay Footage [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Jun 09, 2014 04:25 PM EDT

EA closed out its annual E3 press conference with an extended look at the upcoming cops vs robbers game, Battlefield Hardline. In a move to get everyone excited, they also announced that they are beginning a closed Beta, right now and you can go ahead and sign up if you have a PS4.

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Battlefield Hardline is the latest entry into the franchise. It eschews the military aesthetic for a more urban and gritty action, pitting players as police and criminals in a race to outmaneuver or outgun each other. It hopes to breathe life into the franchise, which although is one of the top sellers every year, is still playing in a very crowded field of similar games.

The gameplay footage shows off one of the new multiplayer modes: Heist, in which a team of criminals have to get away with the loot, and a team of police have to stop them. The footage is wild and hectic, yet possessed of a smoothness we've come to expect from the franchise. That 60p looks rock solid here. If you're a big fan of the ending shootout from Heat, Battlefield Hardline will be right up your alley. Cops and criminals dive in and out of and behind cars, there are chases, some in a helicopter, tons of explosions and enough firepower to level a city. I've grown wary of the franchise, but what I'm looking at is a much needed shot in the arm.

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The game will be released on PC and PS4 October 21. EA even released a handy how-to-download the Beta, which you can watch right here. It helps to have a copy of Battlefield 4 on hand. Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers can still sign up for the beta, but will only receive some goodies when the game is released in October.

Check out the full six and a half minutes of footage below.

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