'Hitman Sniper' News: Gameplay For IO Interactive's Next Mobile Title Drops From E3 2014 [VIDEO]

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Jun 13, 2014 06:08 PM EDT

E3 isn't just about the big triple-A IPs, it's also there for the smaller titles, some of which tend to slip through the cracks. For example, mobile titles tend to be missed, even if they're from a big developer, and that's exactly what happened with Hitman: Sniper, the next game for everyone's favorite cueballed assassin. The game was in playable form at publisher Square Enix's booth, so let's have a look at the gameplay, shall we?

Mobile Title Hitman: Sniper is Square Enix's Next Assignment For 47

As the title of the game alludes, the demo level had 47 peering through the scope of the game's namesake rifle, which could be used for far more than just simple head shots. In the gameplay video below, you'll see it be used to cause distractions like setting off car alarms, or set up environmental, or "accidental" kills. Hell, you can even use it to finish off a game of pool. All in the name of gathering as many points as possible to top the leaderboards. Points can be awarded for body disposals, accident kills, multi kills, quick kills, head shots, lures / interrupted kills, and more.

While it doesn't look like 47 will have access to some of his other tried and true tools of the trade, like his iconic silverballers or fiber wire, the sniper rifle can be upgraded, allowing for special abilities. More rifles can be unlocked, or built, and I'd expect each will have its own share of advantages and disadvantages. Truth be told, it looks damn good for a mobile game, and with the game planned on being a free-to-play title on both Android and iOS devices, it's something everyone should at least consider trying when the game drops this fall.

Here's Agent 47's Profile From His Former Employer, The ICA

Check out the game in action below courtesy of GameMob.

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