'Destiny' News: 18 Days Until PS4 & PS3 Beta, Bungie's Weekly Mail Bag Offers Up New Details, Swag And Achievements

By Steve Buja , Updated Jun 28, 2014 12:14 PM EDT

Bungie mod urk answered a lot of your burning questions about Destiny. And make no mistake, you have a lot of questions about the highly anticipated first person shooter game from the makers of the original Halo.

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In a mailbag post over at the Bungie forums, urk gets right into it and confirms some things we have already suspected. Namely, that Bungie has not spent over half a billion dollars producing Destiny, which would make it the highest priced piece of entertainment ever. Yes, even costlier than Waterworld and Avatar, combined. Tack on the marketing costs and the price tag is still not anywhere close. After all, what other marketing do they have to do? You're reading this and it didn't cost them anything!

Shirts are still available, but you better buy them quick over at the store.

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The beta is still scheduled to begin on July 17 for PlayStation players, with Xbox owners launching a few days later. The current alpha build netted 6.5 MILLION games played, and that was just for the PS4 exclusive. When the Beta hits for both next-gen consoles, that number is sure to double, if not triple. Bungie would like to remind everyone that "The only way to guarantee a spot in public beta is to pre-order Destiny at participating retailers."

A whole bevy of achievements have been released, too. Your standard stuff: complete X, get wittily titled Y to show off to your friends, such as 'A Friend Indeed' which is awarded after resurrecting 5 friends. Currently, Bungie has released 40 achievements, with no word yet if there will be more.

Regardless of the update, the one thing remains certain: Destiny is still, most assuredly, on its way to being "the best selling new video game IP in history." Destiny hits retailers just in time for you to choose between doing homework and playing the game on September 9.

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