FIFA 14 World Cup Team Rankings: Overall Ratings For The Top 4 Remaining National Sides

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Jul 02, 2014 01:58 PM EDT

Only eight teams now remain in the 2014 World Cup, with the quarterfinals set to begin on Friday. This final group contains both pre-tournament favorites and some surprises, with the remaining rosters all possessing different strengths and weaknesses.

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FIFA 14's World Cup mode, which was added for free before the competition began, is updated by EA after each nation plays to reflect the form of the overall team and the players.

The ratings of individuals rise and fall after good or poor performances, and the numbers influence the team's rating in each area of the field (separated into attack, midfield, and defense).

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With only eight teams remaining from the original field of 32, it's a perfect time to see which sides FIFA thinks have the strongest rosters based on the ratings. Here are your top four teams:

1. Germany, 83.5 Overall Average

ATT: 85 MID: 84 DEF: 82 (GK: 89)

The German side is stacked on paper, likely representing the strongest roster at the World Cup. While its performances started out dominant, the team has been less convincing since early in the group stages. The defense is questionable with some out of position players and Lahm in the midfield, but the attacking threat (with the hot form of Mueller) and goalkeeping provided by Manuel Neuer allows them to win any game.

2. Brazil, 82 Overall Average

ATT: 83 MID: 80 DEF: 83 (GK: 86)

As hosts, Brazil have a natural advantage that other teams cannot attain (and one that FIFA 14 cannot replicate). It helps to have a very strong lineup then, too, and yet the team has more often than not put in an unconvincing performance. They still have made it to the final eight, though, and there's fortunately time left to improve. Neymar has been the main man as expected, while Fred and Jo have been fairly poor striking options up front. The midfield isn't as strong as the rest of the lineup, but a very good defense backed by penalty shootout hero Julio Cesar mean the nation could still win it all no matter who they face. A very talented (and probably the most in-form team in the competition) Colombian side await.

3. Argentina, 81.5 Overall Average

ATT: 85 MID: 81 DEF: 79 (GK: 73)

What are some criminally low ratings (in my opinion) for several French players puts Argentina slightly ahead as the next-best team. Naturally boosted by 96 overall-rated Lionel Messi, the South American side's attack should be the best in the tournament, but hasn't played like it so far. The injury to Aguero was unfortunate, but the team still has Messi, Higuain, Di Maria, and Lavezzi to take care of the scoring. With weak goalkeeping and an average defense, the attack needs to carry this team forward if they want to beat a talented Belgian side.

4. France, 80 Overall Average

ATT: 82 MID: 80 DEF: 79

As I previously stated, I think low ratings from EA for several of these players has caused them to drop to this spot, but here they are nonetheless. Benzema has been one of the best players at the tournament and has somehow not moved past 82, where Pogba and Matuidi both also still sit. Varane and Koscielny are also probably better than 80 overall centerbacks, but I digress. This team had been one of the most in-form sides in the tournament, but have slowed down. Regardless, this young and talented side (solid at the back, strong in midfield, and deadly up front) could beat any team it plays if the players are up for it--which they will need to be against Germany.

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