SolForge Community Deck Review: Wyvern's Wrath Can Bring Fire And Brimstone At Almost Any Point Of The Game; Start Slow, End Big

By Steve Buja , Updated Jul 18, 2014 11:17 AM EDT

Stone Blade Entertainment recently released two new community decks for its obnoxiously addictive card game, SolForge. We here at GameNGuide have become more than a little obsessed with the game. We've put the new two decks through the crucible of combat. Let's have a look at the flashier of the two: Wyvern's Wrath.

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The deck was constructed by TinyGimes. You can watch it in action here.

The first thing that pops out at you is, of course, the giant ass dragon on the digital art cover. That should tell you everything you need to know: here, there be dragons, although not as many of the winged monstrosities as you might initially believe. The deck is combination Uterra and Tempys with about even distribution of the two. It is heavy on the creatures, boasting 21 in total.

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Of actual dragons, there is but one, the Scorchmane Dragon. Along with the Cindersmoke Wyvern, they form the scaly back of Wyvern's Wrath. Several dinosaurs, the Umbruk Glider and Razortooth Stalker for instance, help bolster the quotient of 'large, frightening and often flying lizards'.

The entire deck is constructed around getting these winged beasts out early and often. The remaining cards serve in support, through either the Flamestoke Shaman's activation ability, which if it survives can help unleash a stunning amount of damage from the dragons or with the various vanilla creatures that take up space, such as the deck's two Storm Callers.

Like the Scorchmane Dragon, which begins life as a 0/8 Defender, the deck evolves with a singular purpose: pump these dragons up. The enrages can grant quick boost, especially in later levels and the two Tremorcharges can make everything a dragon if you think about it, and help keep things alive. The mobility of Scorchmane and Cindersmoke keeps an opponent guessing. At later levels, it can be a devastating thing.

However, draw order is key. I once went two rounds without pulling a single dragon, and then got four of them the next. By then my opponent was running roughshod over me. Wyvern's Wrath depends very much on trading in the potential power later on for survivability early on. The vanilla cards don't provide much else except preventing damage to you. The deck is built upon mobility and the lack of it in the smaller cards can be damning. A well timed Tremorcharge, especially on say, the Cinderfist Brawler can make short work of things. Still, it sometimes feel like there's a lot of stuff that just sits around, blocking lanes. A good addition may be the Cloud Cleaver Titan, which can get out of the way at any point during the game and tossing in a Zephyr Mage for added mobility to your other creatures. In keeping with the lizards theme, there's always room for a Thundersaur when you need something to play goalie.

Against Removal decks, Wyvern's Wrath can feel impotent. A fully upgraded Death Current or Cull The Weak will make short work out of your hard-earned gains, especially if you haven't upgraded yet. Woebringer can deal out destruction on you like an uncaring god and in matches against heavy Nekrium, you may find yourself playing from behind.

But when it works, oh my god, it can work. Wyvern's Wrath can just dominate other slow-to-level decks. A good first two rounds can make all the difference. Soon your dragons are just running willy nilly over your opponent. One game ended with me at 65 life and my opponent at -56. Others saw victory by a margin of over 100 life. Other times you will barely see level 2 before your guys run roughshod over your opponent.

No deck is effective against every other deck. Such a thing would be ridiculous and take the fun out of the game. I can safely say that Wyvern's Wrath is more effective than most, but its strengths can become a weakness depending on the deck and skill of your opponent.

I have only recently started playing SolForge and as such, am no expert on the game. The decks you build are limited only by your imagination and ingenuity. Up for a fight? I'm always playing. Hit me up, the name's DocHappenin and I look forward to losing against you.


You can download SolForge for free on the App Store, Google Play, or Steam. Check for more.

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