‘Battlefield Hardline’ Beta Reveals Community’s Wants, Talks About Single Player, Disses ‘Call Of Duty’

By Luca Saitta , Updated Jul 21, 2014 08:26 AM EDT

After the recent beta, DICE has released the community's new most wanted list and creative director Ian Milham talks about the cops 'n criminals single player campaign a bit as well.

SDCC: Battlefield Hardline Panel Has Some Big Reveals

Yes, some Battlefield Hardline news that's about the single as well as the multiplayer campaign. What's going on here, cats and dogs living together Milham talked a bit on the official Battlefield blog about the grey shades of morality to be found in Battlefield Hardline's campaign mode, name dropping TV shows they got actors from: True Detective, CSI: Miami, Law & Order... I understand that a dev has to cover his bases and hype up his game, but some of those are not like the others, guy.

On the multiplayer front, the beta testing community was eager for some reduction on the frequency of explosives. Apparently, the realistic "cops and robbers" angle was being compromised by explosives being so readily available to all players. Additionally, DICE is looking to add more interactive elements in the game map itself. Expect doors, lockers, radios and all that good stuff to become available for you to fiddle with in the next version.

Trillions Of Dollars Already Stolen in Battlefield Hardline

In order to improve the tactical aspects of the game, audio awareness is being sharpened so you know exactly from what angles people are trying to sneak up on you. For a full list of the community's wants, go check out the official Battlefield Hardline blog right here.

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