Transformers Universe MMO Update: No More Repair Packs Needed For Downed Autobot Or Decepticon Heroes

By Luca Saitta , Updated Aug 06, 2014 03:37 PM EDT

In the browser-based MMO Transformers: Universe by developer Jagex and publisher Hasbro, something is rumbling from beyond the grave.

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In an official patch notes release, Jagex made some very welcome changes indeed to the currently-in-beta massively multiplayer online game. Here are some choice ones:

  • - Removal of repair mechanic - This removes the need for players to repair their warriors when they die in battle. From this point on when a warrior dies the player will have the option to either respawn them which will put them back at the map spawn point or to return to the Hangar. In either case the player's warrior will have all shield and spark restored and all Powercores will never go offline.

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  • - Repair packs have been removed from all areas of the game including Founders and Starter packs. All players with repair packs in their inventories will have them replaced with Relics the first time they log in after the update. Repair packs in the Founders and Starter packs have been replaced with new Prototypes and Augments.
  • - Removing the repair mechanic allows all players to use their favoured Warrior at all times, only switching out to a new Warrior in times of tactical need. Energon that used to be used to repair bots or craft repair packs can now be used to craft consumable items such as Prototypes, Probes and Augments to improve Warrior capabilities on the battlefield. All these items can be crafted in the Engineering section of the Hangar.

Check out the full patch notes right here.

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