Grand Theft Auto 5: Rockstar Conceals Secret Release Date

By , Updated Feb 16, 2012 08:09 PM EST

Rockstar Games, the developer of the upcoming anticipated title Grand Theft Auto 5, has ensured their fans that more details about the release date will be coming "in a few months time."

Rockstar has been hard at work on its current title Max Payne 3 and hopes to downplay its recent delayed release announcement by getting the game on the market as early as possible, probably between March-May 2012.  Once Max Payne 3 is in stores, the company can put full attention on developing Grand Theft Auto 5.  For now, fans are left in the dark as GTA5 will remain a mystery but full of expectations.

Below is a Rockstar representative's announcement about GTA 5's recent developments.

"First of all, we'd like to again thank you and everyone out there for the amazing response to the debut Grand Theft Auto V trailer. We know that there are a ton of questions you all have about the game, including release date and lots else.

Right now, we are very hard at work on the game and are excited as well to show and tell you more as development progresses - expect that we'll be talking much more about GTAV starting at some point in a few months' time. Please hang tight until then and thank you all for your patience and support!"

After the first official trailer was released in late 2011, fans eagerly awaited for the latest news regarding Rockstar's GTA series. In an online Q&A session, an unnamed rep explained that the announcement for a release date is approaching and when the time comes more details about the game will be revealed.  Analysts commented that Rockstar may be planning for a six month plan in order to market the game at E3 2012.

The Grand Theft Auto 5 official trailer is available for those looking to catch an early glimpse of what's to come.  Fans who are looking for more can feast their eyes on leaked maps which showcases the game's location setting of Los Santos and Vinewood, a stylized version of Hollywood in Los Angeles. Fans will most likely be able to explore beyond the realm of San Andreas with new vehicles and possibly aircrafts.  The map was rumored to have been leaked by a former employee at Rockstar.

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