Firefly Online MMO Casts Star Trek TNG Actor As New Alliance Character, Batman Actors In Future?

By Luca Saitta , Updated Aug 20, 2014 08:30 AM EDT

Browncoats are likely to get a kick out of this one! Michael Dorn, better known to most as Worf on Star Trek: The Next Generation, will be voicing a brand new Firefly verse character in the upcoming Firefly Online MMO.

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Dorn will be playing a hat-wearing Alliance member who has not appeared in any previous Firefly or Serenity media. With the casting of Dorn and the hiring of Andrea Romano, legendary voice director on the classic Batman: The Animated Series and Pinky & The Brain one might conceivably expect more Batman alums (especially since that show, as well as Gargoyles, was full of TNG people).

The official Firefly Online FB page also talked about some practical stuff: "You pay once and you get the game plus the story. There may be other stories down the road you'll be able to buy as downloadable modules, but otherwise it's pay once, play forever."

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On a slightly less positive note, fans who will want to play the game on several devices are going to have to pony up more than once: "[Each] platform provider wants their piece of the action, so for example, there's no way for us to sell you a copy on Steam, but then give you a copy for free on your Android. As a result, we're going to try to keep the premiums as low as possible."

Understandable! However if you do want to have it on several platforms, you'll be able to simply log in and pick up where you left off last time anyway, so at least there's that. Hey, you're not a Browncoat if there ain't no setbacks.

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