Dragon Age Inquisition Update: New Morrigan Footage, Zombie Unicorn Mounts, Save Games Across Consoles [VIDEO]

By Luca Saitta , Updated Aug 30, 2014 01:12 PM EDT

Our favorite sarcastic Witch of the Wild Morrigan gets some character-expounding in this new video from Outside Xbox. We also learn about save games, mounts, the Fade and dragons.

ArcheAge Release Date Finally Known!

Is everyone excited about November 18/21 (North America and Europe, respectively) yet? If you're not (and yeah, you totally are) - here's some cool tidbits that'll totally make you want to run-not-walk-or-perhaps-mount to Thedas right the Fade now.

On a character level, we learn that while Morrigan will not be a recruitable party member, she will be playing a major part in the storyline and will be seen from quite a different perspective than the perhaps slightly one-note ice queen she's been in the past. Having a demi-god demon baby will do that to you, I suppose!

Dragon Age 3 Deluxe Edition Details Revealed Here

We all knew mounts were a new thing in this third Dragon Age game, but beyond just horses, we'll be getting riding lizards and "bog unicorns" - a rotted horse corpse that has been stabbed through the head and the sword protrudes from its skull and oh deaaaarrr get to my hard drive now, game!

Additionally, the Fade is promised to be a far scarier place than the slightly confusing and by all accounts rather unpopular part of the game it was in Dragon Age: Origins. Going to make myself a target of scorn here and say that, personally, I found the giant cavern systems near Orzammar far more tedious. But at least this shows BioWare is listening!

Finally, saved your games on previous gen Xbox and now own a One? Thanks to the Dragon Age Keep, you'll be able to import your save game decisions anyway... or "cheat" a bit by just making up your own previous decisions right on the spot - a feature that had been going around in the fan community for ages.

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