Velocity 2X Out Now On PS4: Gorgeous Teleportation Cross-Buy Game Free For PS Plus Owners

By Luca Saitta , Updated Sep 02, 2014 01:57 PM EDT

FuturLabs' PlayStation shooter Velocity 2X (if we can even call it that, really) is out today. Oh, you hadn't heard of it yet? Maybe you should check this one out, cuz it's a real beaut!

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The novel ways in which you can move in Velocity 2X are really a sight to behold. Not only are there two game modes: ship combat and platform jumping, within those game modes you can just go crazy with inventive stuff.

In a high-contrast, low-detail designed environment, you'll be chasing/averting the alien menace of the Vokh, while constantly confronting one of their war chiefs, General Glaive. In fact, one of the awesome novelties is that you regularly teleport INTO Glaive to combat him internally, Innerspace-style. Now if that's not working with portals, I don't know what is. Scroll down to the middle of this official blog for some funky soundtrack goodness.

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The special effects, including environment lighting and leaves blowing on the wind, look smooth as heck at 1080p and 30fps.

If you buy Velocity 2X for the PS4 or Vita, thanks to cross-buy, you'll own it on both platforms for $19.99. And if you're a PlayStation Plus owner - it's free! There's also some day 1 DLC called Critical Urgency, the trailer for which you can watch here (the trailer embedded below is for the main game).

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