Smite 'Know Your Enemy' Video Details Strategies For Fighting Against And Playing As Ymir

By Connor Sears , Updated Sep 19, 2014 12:23 PM EDT

The Know Your Enemy video series is back on Smite's YouTube channel, continuing its noble mission of helping new players not suck at the game. The video series is making its way through the selection of free gods that is automatically unlocked for each new player, giving them the inside scoop on how to play as and against these gods. This time, the video deals with Ymir, Father of the Ice Giants.

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A quick look at Ymir's stat breakdown at the beginning of the video, which you can watch below, makes it clear from the get-go that Ymir is good for two things, crowd control and soaking up damage. Any tank with a massive health bar can be of use defensively, but with his ability to construct an impassible wall for several seconds and his multiple attacks that result in slowed enemies, Ymir is the undisputed crowd control king of Smite.

Ymir's wall is his most obvious method of crowd control. It will take up a good portion of a level's wide lanes, but it is more than enough to completely block off a narrow jungle lane, making Ymir uniquely effective in the jungle, unlike others in the Guardian class. Combined with his several slowing abilities, Ymir can chain his attacks together for a full 10 seconds of crowd control when done properly.

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When defending against Ymir, the video notes that players must train themselves to move toward the lumbering giant, not exactly the most instinctual thing to do. Running away from Ymir only makes it easier for him to hit you with a stunning Frost Breath, which spreads out as it moves forward in a cone. If a player is able to quickly get beside or behind Ymir, however, it's easier to leave him vulnerable. Players who find themselves fighting an Ymir should also make sure to save any items that cancel debuffs specifically for encounters with him. They'll prove useful when trying to avoid his arsenal of slowing attacks.

Players who want to try Ymir for themselves can actually take advantage of online latency for a neat trick. Placing an Ice Wall directly at your feet will allow you to move past the area before the wall rises, leaving anyone behind you blocked from pursuing. If you have an enemy god or two chasing after you, this neat little trick can help Ymir make a clean getaway, and it's actually easier to pull off with higher latency. Who's laughing at my 200 ping now?

Smite is free-to-play for PCs now.

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