Skype For iPhone Update Details: New Update Takes Advantage Of iOS 8's Interactive Notifications

By Connor Sears , Updated Sep 22, 2014 11:31 AM EDT

Skype announced its 5.5 update for iPhones today, and it's utilizing the new suite of developer tools that Apple added in the new iOS 8 update.

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One of the major UI improvements iOS 8 added to iPhones was interactive notifications. With this system, not only can apps send notifications while users are in other apps or have their iPhone locked, but these notifications can also now contain functional buttons that can either take you into the app that's giving you a notification or even let you respond without leaving your current activity.

Skype's new iPhone update utilizes these interactive notifications to let users know if they missed a call, received a message or are getting a call right now. These notifications will show up both on the iPhone lock screen and in the notification center that comes down from the top of the screen. The notifications also come with buttons that let the user decide what to do next.

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If users find that they missed a call, they can choose whether to call them back or just send a quick message right from the lock screen. If users are playing around in another app and get a Skype call, they can choose then and there whether they want to pick up on video or just audio. They can also decline the message and get right back to playing Clash of Clans.

Skype is free to download for iPhone users. For iPhone users with a 4S or newer device, the iOS 8 upgrade is now available for a free download.

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