Smite MOBA New God Announced: Sylvanus Is One With Nature, Provides Ultimate Support For Teams

By Connor Sears , Updated Sep 26, 2014 04:26 PM EDT

The developers behind Smite offered fans their first look at the upcoming god Sylvanus, in a new video that demonstrated the god's status as an ultimate support player.

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Sylvanus is a Roman god and a protector of forests. He takes the form of a frail old man with a set of antlers, but he's still able to stand up to the game's other beefy guardian classes. As a nature enthusiast, Sylvanus always rides atop a menacing tree who makes sure Sylvanus can take a punch or two.

Sylvanus' basic attack is a ranged AoE attack, making him unique among the game's existing pantheon. Though Sylvanus is primarily a support character, his base attack is still unique enough to make him offensively useful.

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Sylvanus' abilities are where his support nature becomes apparent. His first ability will spawn a plant bud. When it blooms after 10 seconds, it provides an buffing area where allies will receive magic points. They can be destroyed by enemies, but they will debuff any enemies within range upon destruction. If aimed skillfully, the bud can also attach itself to an enemy, where it will slowly drain the enemy's health over a period of time.

Sylvanus' second ability is an AoE attack centered on the player. Any allies within the target area are healed and buffed while any enemies lose health over time. His third ability simply pulls enemies toward his position. It does no damage, only serving to disorient the enemy or bring a fleeing foe close to finish him off.

Finally, Sylvanus' ultimate ability damages enemies in an area of effect while knocking them up in the air.

Of course, Sylvanus' symbiotic relationship with a walking tree instantly drew comparisons to Groot and Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy. Fans are already hoping for a skin that alludes to the Marvel characters or one that makes Sylvanus look more like Gandalf riding Treebeard.

Skin ideas aside, Sylvanus is shaping up to be a fantastic support character. The god does little damage to enemies, but his ability to help his teammates in the field is unquestionable. Smite's guardian class is about to get a lot more eco-friendly.

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