Tanki Online Update Adds Smart Cooldowns, Doubles Garage Supplies

By Connor Sears , Updated Sep 29, 2014 01:05 PM EDT

A new update for the popular browser-based game Tanki Online went live today, adding a new dimension to the game's supplies mechanic.

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Supplies were a divisive issue in Tanki Online. Even though they were a completely viable way to beef up a tank's stats, some of the more dedicated players would look down on those who used them, considering supplies a crutch for lesser players. Now, developer AlternativaPlatform is trying to make supplies a more skill-based mechanic to get the items back into the metagame.

With this new update, activating supplies now puts other supplies in a 45-second cooldown. These smart cooldowns make the deployment of supplies and the utilization of garage boosts and drop box supplies a more strategic affair.

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To help ease the transition into this revamped mechanic – and perhaps to try to appease hardcore players naturally resistant to change – Tanki Online is offering its players a couple of bonuses in honor of the new smart cooldown system. Upon checking their garage, players will find that their garage supplies have been doubled. The supplies then continue to rain down on players this week as daily gifts contain five times as many supplies, encouraging players to go try out the new mechanic.

In other Tanki news, the planned update to make the crystal cost of speeding up an upgrade change depending on the progress of the upgrade went live recently. Tanki is now also sponsoring a tower-building contest to see how many lumbering tanks players can stack before it inevitably topples over. The details of these new developments can be seen in the developer's most recent video log below.

Tanki Online is free to play for PC.

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