Fruit Ninja 2.0 Update: Complete Redesign Includes New Power-Up System, New Cast Of Characters

By Connor Sears , Updated Oct 02, 2014 11:20 AM EDT

After more than half a billion downloads, mobile game Fruit Ninja is receiving its largest major update since launch as it moves to version 2.0 today, an update that adds a new power-up game mechanic and an ever-expanding cast of characters to the tried and true fruit flaying formula.

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The update from developer Halfbrick Studios went live today, giving the app a complete redesign. The game's menus have been reworked to make navigation easier than before. Generally speaking, it also helps give the game a welcome and refreshing new look, making the app feel properly revitalized after four years.

The biggest gameplay change for the app comes in the form of Blades and Dojos. Previously, players were able to pick out new swords with which they could hack at fruit and venues in which they could paint the walls with the remains of fallen produce. These options were completely aesthetic, though, which all changes in version 2.0.

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Different Blades and Dojos are now unlocked as the player progresses through the game's level system and bought with Starfruit. These different items provide passive bonuses for the player during gameplay. Blades can provide power-ups like slowing down the path of special fruit or providing a bonus for every 10 pieces of fruit sliced. Different dojos can add bonuses to combos or reduce the cost of buying other power-ups. Some Blades are available to use in all three game modes – Classic, Arcade and Zen – but some are restricted to two game modes or sometimes even specific to one.

The new Fruit Ninja has also introduced a couple of new characters with the promise of adding even more. Ninjas in training Mari and Katsuro hang around in the menu screens and give players helpful tips after rounds. With the studio expanding into the field of animated shorts with its Fruit Ninja Origins series on YouTube, Halfbrick is looking to build up the lore behind the app through both the game and the videos. Watch out, Elder Scrolls. There's only so much room for games with rich backstories.

Fruit Ninja 2.0 in all its glory is now available on Apple's App Store, the Amazon Appstore and Google Play. A free version with ad support is available, or players can opt for the ad-free $1.29 version.

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