Rick And Morty Season 2 News: A Summertime Release, A New Multiverse And What Other Cartoon Would Roiland Love To Crossover With?

By Steve Buja , Updated Oct 16, 2014 01:44 PM EDT

We all know that everyone's favorite dimension hopping grandfather/grandkid duo, Rick and Morty, will be coming back for season two in 'summer 2015'. Beyond that, though, only a few nuggets of information have been leaked out of Cartoon Network.

A Rick And Morty Video Game? One Can Dream Alongside Harmon And Roiland

Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland were at last weekend's NYCC to talk about all things Roiland, Harmon and of course, Rick and Morty. They hosted multiple panels and even sat down for a roundtable interview with press to talk about the series and where it's heading. The two are laid back, casual but still professional; a veneer that is belied by their outward appearance. It's easy to mistake them for just a pair of fans roaming around Comic Con.

Roiland would occasionally break into both Rick and Morty. He voices the two titular characters. This caused no end of amusement amongst the gathered press. All of us felt more like star struck fans than professional writers. It's hard not to with two such funny guys.

NYCC Harmontown Panel: All Harmon, All The Time

So what do we know? The show hits in summer. The pair hope to balance the sci-fi zaniness with a more human element, saying that the latter is necessary for the former to be effective; and vice versa. The two are already excellent at that, as evidenced not only in Rick and Morrty but in many episodes of Community, Dan Harmon's other baby.

Expect more pair-ups in Season 2. It won't just be Rick and Morty blasting off to this or that bizarre world. It will be Rick and Morty, Rick and Beth, Rick and Summer and maybe even some Rick and Jerry, though the two don't get along. And Roiland hopes to expand the amount of ridiculous places to go. It's not just a universe, it's a multiverse.

Along a similar vein, Roiland was asked if they had ever thought of any cross-overs with other shows (on Adult Swim or otherwise). He said that the world could allow for it plotwise, and thinking on it for a moment, finally said: "Beavis and Butt-head."

While I am sure most of season two of Rick and Morty is completed, one hopes that Harmon finds Mike Judge's number and gives the man a call.

Den of Geek has an excellent preview of an episode Sarah Chalke described, which goes into the still rocky relationship between her character, Beth, and Jerry (voiced by Chris Parnell).

Regardless of the whens, which is what we're all dying to know, we have to wonder: can they keep up such greatness? I have to believe that yes, yes they can. Rick and Morty, season two...sometime next year!

Till then, Adult Swim released has released an animatic of some of Rick's 'catchphrases'. Check it out below.

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