PS4 Share Play 2.0 Update Video: This Is How You Let Friends Play Games They Don't Own

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Oct 26, 2014 08:28 PM EDT

One of the most anticipated PlayStation 4 features, Share Play, is on its way in the system's 2.0 software update. A video from Sony has finally given us a look at the feature in action, and Share Play looks set to impress.

Check Out The PS4 2.0 Update Here

The feature will allow PlayStation Plus subscribers to share a game online with friends who don't own it. Without downloading a game or having it in the console, a friend you choose to share with can play on his or her own, or alongside you in multiplayer. Yes, it looks to be as awesome as it sounds.

For the players sharing your game to play on their own, PlayStation Plus is not required. If they want to play multiplayer alongside you in the game you're sharing, explains the video, PlayStation Plus will be required. The sessions appear to be limited to an hour, as shown by the timer in the corner of the video, but those one-hour sessions are unlimited in number from my understanding.

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Play Share has quite a few uses, beyond just letting someone try a game they're interested in. Perhaps you have a friend who is skilled at shooters, and you need help beating a section of Metro Redux on the hardest difficulty--let him or her take over for a bit and beat that part for you. If you want to play a game of FIFA 15 with a friend who doesn't own the game, they can hop in for a couple of matches against you as long as they have PS Plus. System update 2.0 can't come soon enough.

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