The Sims 4 Missing Features: Top 5 Most-Desired Additions Including Toddlers And Fewer Loading Screens

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Oct 28, 2014 10:47 AM EDT

The Sims 4 has been out for nearly two months now, and fans have gotten good news about free future updates so far. These will gradually add in some of the features long-time series players felt were missing from the new title, but there is still plenty they'd like to see added.

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The developers are planning both a November and December update, which will add the much-desired pools and new career paths respectively. What else would fans like to see added? Here are our top five most desired features:

1. Seamless Neighborhood

The series had already introduced loading screen-free movement between houses and lots in the past, but The Sims 4 frustratingly moved away from this. Load times separate jumping between any lot besides a public space, making the neighborhood more segmented and less alive and dynamic.

2. More Realistic Aging

The aging option in The Sims 4 is that either every Sim in the neighborhood, including those you're not playing with currently, will continue to age no matter what. They seem to grow old rather quickly, however, leading to what can be a ghost town down the road.

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You can turn aging off completely, only growing the Sims you're currently playing as, but that's not an ideal alternative--a slower aging process would be preferable, including the Sims you are currently using. Babies are also quite unexciting--they can't leave the bassinet and offer very limited interactivity options. This also leads us to the next point...

3. Toddlers

Fairly self-explanatory, but the life stage was simply removed from the game. Sims grow from babies to children, as they did way back in The Sims, and the jump is jarring. It seems like a small complaint to outsiders of the series, but baby to toddler to young kid mechanic was fun to play, and added another layer to the game. It would also help slow down that rapid aging.

4. Better Lots And Lot Editing

There aren't terrain-editing tools, so there is a lot of flat land in The Sims 4 neighborhoods. This is another strange feature to not include, as a long-running feature of the series has been the ability to adjust terrain height and shape. Additionally, there's no adding lots into the town and only two blank zones are provided at the start--better get evicting and destroying. The worlds themselves are much smaller than in The Sims 3 (odd since it requires all of those loading screens), and that means less lots for you.

5. The Small Things

This may not be one feature, but it's the little aspects of The Sims that makes the series what it is, and in this case many of them are absent. There's no burglars, no repo men, no fears, no cars, not even dishwashers. There are a bounty of other details missing, and while the new creation tools and graphics are more impressive than ever before, much of these small features are just as important to many fans--hopefully they're added over time.

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