Far Cry 4 News: Goes Gold, New Trailer Introduces 'Battles Of Kyrat' Competitive Multiplayer Gameplay

By Connor Sears , Updated Oct 30, 2014 03:53 PM EDT

Far Cry 4 has been bragging about its multiplayer gameplay for months, but the focus has always been on co-op. Now, just in time for the game to go gold, Far Cry 4 has introduced its asymmetrical competitive multiplayer game modes, collectively called Battles of Kyrat.

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The Battles split players up into two distinct teams with very different styles of gameplay, the Golden Path and the Rakshasa. The Rakshasa are attuned to the nature of Kyrat. They utilize the region's animals – elephants and tigers are effective – in their warfare and wield a number of mystical arrows for their signature bows. One allows the shooter to teleport to the victim's location, and the other surrounds whomever it hits with a swarm of bees.

Directly opposed to them are the Golden Path, a faction that uses modern weaponry and vehicles to control their territory in Kyrat. With automatic guns, mortars and flamethrowers, the Golden Path is very much about the new era of warfare. It's the classic battle between nature and technology.

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These two factions can face off in Battles of Kyrat over three different game modes. In Outpost, the Golden Path attempts to defend their base from the invading Rakshasa forces. The Propaganda game mode has Golden Path forces trying to destroy the Rakshasa's printing presses to stop the release of their propaganda material. Finally, Demon Mask is a "capture the flag" type deal where both teams struggle for possession of a sacred mask.

The game modes themselves in Battles of Kyrat aren't exactly groundbreaking, but the asymmetrical gameplay is a solid addition to the formula. Whether you choose to support the spiritual Rakshasa and gain access to their mystical weaponry or opt for the raw firepower of the Golden Path, you'll have just as good a chance as the other team to bring Kyrat under your control.

Far Cry 4 is available on November 18 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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