Samsung Gear VR Goes On Sale For $200: Oculus-Made Device Turns The Galaxy Note 4 Into A Virtual Reality Experience

By Connor Sears , Updated Dec 08, 2014 03:48 PM EST

Oculus was the first company to really open up dialog about virtual reality becoming a legitimate step in the games industry with their Rift headset, but they have yet to capitalize on the full consumer market, leaving the door open for other companies to step in. One of these companies is Samsung, whose Gear VR device turns any Samsung Galaxy Note 4 into a VR experience and is on sale through Samsung now.

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The Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition can now be purchased for $200, giving anyone with a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone the opportunity to have their own personal VR device. It works like a set of goggles that opens up and allows the user to place the Galaxy Note 4 inside. The smartphone then acts as the Gear VR's screen, allowing users to experience games and videos in 360 degrees.

Interestingly, Samsung partnered with Oculus itself to develop the device. The VR leader helped Samsung develop the software needed to turn a simple smartphone into a VR experience, which means that the Gear VR has the benefit of Oculus' years of VR experience behind it.

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To make the deal a bit sweeter for the early adopters out there, Samsung is offering bundling opportunities for Gear VR buyers. With a purchase of a Samsung Gear VR, customers can get $20 off Samsung's Gear Circle earbuds (making them $79) and $30 off a Samsung Gamepad (making it $49). Not coincidentally, both of these accessories can work to make the Gear VR a more comfortable gaming experience.

Samsung is also in the process of releasing Milk VR, a version of Samsung's video streaming service specifically for VR users. Milk VR promises that it will put out 360-degree videos five days a week once it launches, giving Gear VR users a fair amount of content to look forward to in addition to games like Omega Agent that are being developed specifically for the platform.

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