Civilization: Beyond Earth Mac Version Receives First Big Patch; Linux Version Will Release Soon, Patch Included

By Connor Sears , Updated Dec 12, 2014 10:57 AM EST

Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth received its first big update on PC this week filled with balance tweaks and bug fixes. The patch has now made it to Mac users and will actually be available for Linux players as soon as that version launches.

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Mac and Linux developer Aspyr announced the news of the two patches in its most recent Dev Update post. Civ players on Mac should be able to download the update now and start enjoying the freshly retooled game. Linux users are still waiting for their version of the game to come out, but the good news is that they won't have to wait to get the patch, too. According to Aspyr, the patch is already built into the Linux version and will be ready to go on launch.

In more good news, that Linux launch shouldn't be far away. Aspyr notes that the Linux port has been submitted to all parties for approval. Depending on how quickly that process goes, the Linux port could be available to download as soon as next week.

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This big Beyond Earth patch deals a lot with balancing issues that players have noticed since launch. One of the game systems hit hardest by this change is the Health mechanic. Health was meant to be a way to stop players from expanding their empires too quickly without constructing the appropriate infrastructure first, but players soon realized that the benefits of investing nothing in the system outweighed the penalties of having low Health. Players would routinely, then, win games while having comically low Health scores. With the new update, though, players are much more incentivized to keep their Health in check.

The patch also reworked the numbers behind trade routes and buffed a few leaders' abilities to make them more competitively viable.

Civilization: Beyond Earth is now available for PC and Mac.

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