Dark Knight Rises - No Talia?

By , Updated May 19, 2012 04:24 PM EDT

It appears as though the daughter of infamous eco-villain Ra's al Ghul will not be making an appearance in the new film. Actress Marion Cotillard confirmed her role as humble businesswoman Miranda Tate.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Cotillard says, "It was a very, very small role," justifying her statement by saying long gaps of time went by where she wasn't needed. On her role, Cotillard said that Tate was, "fascinated by Wayne Enterprises. They go through difficulties, and she wants to help provide the world clean energies. She's a good guy." Fans have claimed that Tate would be the perfect cover for a vendetta filled Talia. And al-Ghuls haven't been known for their honesty. Ra's first claimed his identity as Henry Ducard in the Nolan's first Batman film.

Fans might be disappointed to know that Dark Knight Rises will not appear to play host to any members of the League of Shadows. Speculation first arose of an al-Ghul appearance when former Demon Head Liam Neeson visited the Rises set early in production. Neeson's visit however was short, and said that he, "can tell you nothing about Dark Knight Rises, seriously. I was on set for maybe an hour-and-a-half and the director didn't tell me anything of what it's about. So, I'm being very honest when I say I have no idea what's going to happen."

Rumors of Ra's appearance were further flamed when photos were released from the film's set in India this time last year, the subject of which some claimed to be a lazarus pit. Not mentioned in the Nolan's first film Batman Begins, the lazarus pit(s) were used by Ra's in the comics in order to rejuvenate himself and stay young.

Fans will have to wait and see if Neeson and Cotillard are keeping something from them. Dark Knight Rises is out later this summer, July 20th.


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