Life Is Strange Release Date Announced For January; Season Pass Pricing Details Revealed For Enigmatic Five Part Title [TRAILER]

By Steve Buja , Updated Dec 17, 2014 09:54 AM EST

Square Enix and Dontnod finally announced the release date and pricing structure for the first chapter of their highly anticipated storytelling game, Life Is Strange.

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The narrative-driven title, in which your actions and re-actions set the pace and tone of the storyline a la Telltale games, will be out on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on January 30.

Each episode will cost $4.99. A season pass for the remaining chapters in the five part series will be priced at $16.99. You can purchase the whole first season, episodes 1 to 5 for $19.99.

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Life Is Strange is a choice-based game in which players assume the role of Max, an awkward, shy high school teenage photographer. After returning to her old hometown, Max makes a startling and world changing discovery: she can rewind time. But with great power comes a great responsibility. There are no ‘correct’ narrative choices in Life Is Strange, only consequences of greater or lesser strength. The game hopes to capture the awkwardness, uncertainty and sheer magic and energy of nostalgia; of those all those times we wish we could take ‘it’ back. Whatever it may be.

Dontnod, who also created the brilliant Remember Me, showed off an in-depth demo of the title back in October at the New York Comic Con. There was not a single person present who was not in awe of what was displayed.

My birthday is January 28 and I know you have all been wondering what to get me. May I offer Life Is Strange as an option?

Watch the new trailer below.

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