Legend Of Zelda Wii U News: Open World Will Change With Your Actions And Choices According To Shigeru Miyamoto

By Steve Buja , Updated Dec 19, 2014 01:45 PM EST

Master game developer Shigeru Miyamoto, who essentially created your childhood in one way or another, recently sat down with the Associated Press to talk all things Miyamoto and Nintendo.

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Miyamoto, of course, is the creator behind Super Mario and The Legend Of Zelda. Developing either of these iconic titles is enough to get you into the hall of fame, but to do both over the course of a few years is patently unfair to the rest of us. Miyamoto has been hard at work on the as yet named sequel for Zelda, coming to Wii U and he had one particularly great nugget of information regarding its development:

“One of the main things we wanted to do was go back to the open-world concept of the original Zelda games and design with that in mind. That's really the direction the team is going in. This time, we've brought back Link's horse, Epona, and his bow and arrow, but what we've decided is really fun is being able to freely walk around in this world and choose what you want to do and how you want to explore.”

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He then added, “I can't talk much about it, but one of the things we're working on right now is that, as you play, the world will change and be affected by what you choose to do.”

Lots of games, especially MMO titles have experimented with persistently changing the environment the past few years. Many of the RPGs from the 80s and 90s had characters’ dialogue trees change after certain points were met, but what Miyamoto sounds like he’s talking about is persistent and subtle changes, a butterfly effect of consequences both good and bad.

We’ll find out next year when the Legend of Zelda hits shelves and finally forces you to buy the Wii U already. Read the whole interview here.

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