Halo Ship The Pillar Of Autumn Recreated Entirely In LEGOs Is The Greatest Christmas Miracle

By Steve Buja , Updated Dec 23, 2014 09:03 AM EST

What happens when you love both Halo and LEGO? You get someone spending three and a half years recreating the iconic ship, the Pillar of Autumn, using nothing but LEGOs.

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And it’s absolutely worth it, too. Lee Jones - a LEGO maniac of the highest degree, responsible for recreating the Balrog, the Mines of Moria and Neo’s fight with Agent Smith from the third Matrix film - spent a long time and a lot of money on spare LEGOs.

The ship cost approximately $7k in parts. You can buy a used car for less. In some places, you can probably buy a new, fully functional car.

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But cars aren’t cool. Spaceships are cool.

The UNSC ship is 2.15m long (about 7 feet) and weighs in at just about 100kg (or approximately 220 pounds).

The ship was only ever shown off twice, the most recent a convention in Seattle and sadly, like its namesake vessel, did not survive the incursion into foreign territory. While Jones would be mad to detonate his $7k investment, he does claim that “"A new SHIP will rise in its place," he said, "but from a different universe than the Halo universe.”

Any guesses? Perhaps he takes requests. There’s been a lack of Babylon 5 LEGO recreations (this one is great, but let's go bigger, shall we?). Or perhaps a model of Moya and Talyn from Farscape? Or, to keep it relevant to the times, how about the ship from the science fiction opening section of Too Many Cooks?

Whatever he ends up creating next, you can check out more of his work over at his official website, MOCpages.

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