Top Comic Moments Of 2014: Deaths, Gender Changes And The Passing Of A Shield

By Donyae , Updated Dec 25, 2014 12:00 PM EST

Comic books had some really good points this year. The decades-old industry saw shake ups from some of its biggest houses as they made changes to retire their old tired look and bring their readership into the modern world. Here are five moments that changed comics this year.

Thanos Spreads Holiday Cheer in New Video from Marvel

1. Captain America passed his Shield to Falcon.

Steve Rogers has been Captain America for, like, ever. But even he gets older. In order to assure that justice and the American Way are still being represented, he passes his shield to Sam Wilson aka Falcon. End of an era, beginning of the next.

2. Wolverine dies. For reals.

We're used to characters dying in comics. It's sort of their thing. One character has been pretty much a mainstay on this side of the mortal coil however, Wolverine. His healing factor keeps him pretty well alive through anything but his time officially ran out in the "Death of Wolverine" storyline. Good night sweet prince.

Spider-Woman Gets a Costume Change For The First Time Since the 70s

3. Batgirl gets a new costume.

This may not seem like that big of a deal, heroes go through wardrobe changes all the time. However this one is the first one where a female's character's look was more about utility and less about T&A.

4. Thor is a woman now.

Thor has been a lot of things and a few different people over time as the son of Odin manages to fall in and out of favor with his dad and therefore his godlike powers. This is the first time that he's become a she. In fact, the change is so cannon that the words on Mjolnir changed.

5. Archie died.

Not a super hero but still a long running iconic character. Everyone knows who Archie is! He's stayed much the same throughout his almost 75 year run. In the last few we saw him as an adult and then the Afterlife storylines which took on the paranormal. This is also the year the red headed boy next door met his end. Don't worry, he's getting rebooted in 2015 for a new generation.

In the funny pages, no one stays dead forever.

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