Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare One Shot Mode Is Snipers-Only With Specialized Classes, Double XP Weekend In Place For Launch

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Dec 26, 2014 07:44 PM EST

Sledgehammer Games has introduced a new sniper-only game mode into Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

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Titled One Shot, the team-based multiplayer mode features its own specialized classes, with reduced health across the board. There are 5 class loadouts: Hard Scope, Zoomed, 4X, Ace, and Irons. All will use the bolt-action railgun sniper MORS, but you can visit the announcement post to see more about what each has to offer in terms of Exo and perks.

The developers will be running a Double XP Weekend to celebrate the launch, as well, which will end Monday at 9 a.m. PST. There are not even secondary weapons in One Shot, so it really is all about the sniping. The biggest difference between the loadouts seems to be the choice of scope, such as the Irons class of course sticking to iron sights.

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The post explains that the mode was developed with the help of popular Call of Duty pro, OpTic NaDeSHoT--presumably to assist in making things competive. The playlist is live now (though the current status of PSN and Xbox Live may make things difficult), so good hunting out there.

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