Hideo Kojima Trolls Metal Gear Solid Fans With Epic Christmas Reveal; Does The Phantom Pain Hurt Too Much? Wear This Chicken Hat

By Steve Buja , Updated Dec 29, 2014 11:41 AM EST

We’ve all been there. This or that game is too damn hard, and it’s not that we’re bad at it, it’s just that the game is broken and can we get a little help here? If you’ve been sleeping off the last few days of Christmas, you may have missed a ‘finger licking good’ stunt the one and only Hideo Kojima pulled on fans during a Christmas live stream.

No Internet Connection Required To Play Evolve. Thank God.

If Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain gets too difficult for you (again, not because you’re a bad player, but because bulls***), the game will ask if you would like to wear the Chicken Hat. The hat slows the reaction time of enemies, glows in the dark (for you only) and generally makes things easier, but…it’s a really goofy looking hat.

Kojima revealed the stunt towards the end of a very long three-hour live stream. Japan isn’t that big into Christmas, so it was just another day for them, but you can bet that a lot of North American fans took a sizable chunk out of their holiday time to sit and watch the video, hoping for something a little more substantial. A release date or some shocking update, but no, just a chicken hat.

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If I may say, the reveal was the vey definition of a Christmas miracle.

For all its melodrama and seriousness, the Metal Gear franchise is not above being silly. The cardboard box is a prime example of something so utterly ridiculous that why is it even included in a game about nuclear weapons, vast conspiracies and forty minute cutscenes? And yet, we love it. The absurdist elements help the more…dialogue heavy sections go down a bit smoother.

Kotaku has compiled several fun images fans have whipped up in the following days. Watch the full live stream below. The Chicken hat comes in at 2:45:00.

Still no release date on the Phantom Pain. Cluck cluck.

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