Comcast Customer Service At It Again In New Call, Continues To Be Frustrating And Terrible

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Dec 31, 2014 01:45 PM EST

Customer service at major companies are among the most hit or miss aspects of doing business. Some, like Comcast, have earned themselves quite the reputation for being a hassle to deal with.

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Many of you probably heard the last customer service call from hell with Comcast, which made the rounds online several months back. Frustrating and persistent, the company seems to do everything in its power to dance around questions and retain customers any way possible. A new call, as seen on BGR, demonstrates the contradictory, endless loop that often happens on these types of calls.

The customer, YouTube user Sweetlethargy, contacted Comcast several months prior to this call seeking cancellation of his services. In an attempt to keep him on, the representative he spoke to promised a flat rate for a specific speed that would not change for 12 months. When his bill begins rising and fluctuating just three months into the supposed deal, he contacts Comcast again to ask for reasoning and a change to his charges. You can listen to all of this in the video below.

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He recorded the previous call (and plays it during the video, ensuring without doubt that his claims are accurate) and attempts to tell the new representative what he was promised. Listen as she acknowledges what he was told and simply disregards it, hiding behind the fact that those promotions aren't offered rather than upholding another employee's promise. In both videos, I think the customers remained a lot calmer that I might have been able to--particularly the first. Kudos to them, but shame on Comcast for continuing to make service such an ordeal.

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