Destiny Weekly Update: Next Patch Is Removing Crota's End Exploits, Rebalancing Raid Drops, And Changing Crucible

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Jan 09, 2015 01:24 PM EST

Bungie's weekly update blog post has outlined the details of the game's next patch, which will make a few big changes to the Crota's End raid in particular.

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The main impact for players will be the removal of all major Crota's End exploits, with Bungie intent on reducing the opportunities to "cheese" the checkpoints and end boss.

No more bridge bug, no more pulling out your LAN cable to make Crota easily beatable--those days will be over when the patch hits. Bungie is requiring all players to cross the bridge to complete that encounter, and forcing them to wait until the bridge is formed before crossing with the sword. The boost caused by the exploding lanterns at the start of the raid has been removed as well, doing away with another exploit.

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Crota will now recover from kneeling position if a player quits at a certain time, getting rid of one of the most popular and easy exploits for beating Crota's End quickly. Two Swordbearers will no longer spawn at the same time during the start of the Crota encounter, and Presence of Crota can no longer be removed using Fireborn.

On the other hand, Bungie is slightly reconfiguring some reward structure for the raids. The existing Pit treasure chest reward is move to after killing Ir Yut--she has a chance to drop Exotic weapons and armor, class pieces, and Radiant materials. The Pit chest will now provide Radiant Materials. For Vault of Glass, exotic weapon drops will now be level 32--it's unclear exactly what this means, but presumably adds up to higher attack values for those that weren't at 331.

Finally, the Crucible is getting some tweaks as well: Asylum, The Anomaly, and The Burning Shrine maps will be added to existing Clash and Control playlist rotation. The Iron Banner event will be returning January 13 and run through to the 19th. Details on all these changes will be posted with the patch notes when the update hits.

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