Sons Of Anarchy The Prospect First Trailer Shows Off The Gritty, Violent World You Remember From The Show [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Jan 12, 2015 03:24 PM EST

The ride continues. Orpheus Interactive and Silverback Games have released the first footage of their upcoming, Telltale-esque mobile adventure Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect. It's only been a month since the series finale, so I hope this fills the void in your heart now that the gang has rode off into the sunset one last time.

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The cel-shaded footage features a lot of what you've come to expect from the FX series: motorcycle riding (obviously), drugs, violence, salty characters, loose women and moral dilemmas. The mobile title will feature an all new narrative that will change with the decisions you make. One can only imagine the type of choices you will be confronted with.

The first episode of the chapter-based title will hit mobile phones and tablets in early 2015, giving you just enough time to burn through a seven day binge-watch of the entire series. It will "set the stage for a brand new way to take in the Sons of Anarchy universe" and allow players and fan to check out a new, original story, location and a "previously unknown chapter of the motorcycle club."

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Additional episodes will be arriving on an "on-going basis", though no word was given how many episodes The Prospect will entail or, if successful, a second season would be in order.

Series creator Kurt Sutter has been onboard with the storytelling game adaptation, stating on Twitter:"I cannot give you any more details, but I will tell you that there will definitely be an SOA game...and it's pretty f**king awesome."

The genre of narrative based games has exploded in recent years thanks in large part to Telltale Games. The titles, usually licensed properties looking for new life, allow a greater sense of responsibility and power to the player. Your actions, no matter what they are, help shape and personalize the story you will experience.

No release date has been announced for The Prospect as of yet. Watch the trailer below.

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