Orphan Black Season 3 SPOILERS: New Season Brings Light To Rachel Duncan’s Fate

By Donyae , Updated Jan 17, 2015 02:13 PM EST

Rachel was always one of the powerhouses in Orphan Black. The season finale of season two left fans wondering if the dangerous woman they had come to know was really dead, and how that would impact the sisters if so. Now- her fate for the next season has been revealed.

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"She's alive," John Fawcett, executive producer confirmed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. But at what cost? Last season she was shot in the eye with a pencil, and it seems this attack did permanent damage. She's left impaired and disfigured in the third season, which will have a huge impact on her storyline.

Although, she IS a clone. Conceivably, they could just grow her a new eye in a lab. We have the technology. But I digress...

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The third season will see Rachel, a character who up until now has been a very powerful opponent fall from grace so to speak. Unlike the other girls, she has been aware that she was a clone her entire life and worked with the DYAD Institute to try and recruit others to the cause.

Now, she's lost that position. In the next season viewers can expect to see her dealing with the reality of no longer being on top. This may lead her to begin working with the sisters against their own enemies.

Also, someone surprising will rise to fill the void that she leaves behind in the organization. No news on who yet but it's sure to be a shocker.

Orphan Black returns to BBC America on April 18.

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