Crossy Road Update Adds MFi Controller Support, 16 New Australian Animals

By Alex Riviello , Updated Jan 17, 2015 04:47 PM EST

Fans of Crossy Road should head to the iOS store right now in order to download update version 1.1.15, which adds a nice bit of new content to the incredibly addictive game, as well as MFi controller support!

Crossy Road already offers a incredible variety of fun animals and characters to unlock, and this update brings the number of playable characters up to 69.

As with all of the in-app purchases in the game they can be purchased for a buck each, or you can luck out on them while spending 100 coins in the prize machine. Here are some of the 16 new animals available:

Drop Bear

These are the ones that are revealed off the bat- there are others we can see silhouettes of, but the identity of the characters are hidden right now. Time to cross those roads and unlock them...

Even better than these new characters is the fact that this update adds MFi (Made for iPhone/iPad) controller support. As anyone with one of the controllers knows, you're constantly on the hunt for new games that support the pricey (yet awesome- I personally recommend the SteelSeries Stratus XL) devices, hoping that your favorite games will soon add support.

Crossy Road is a game that works quite well with a touchscreen- you simply tap to go forward and swipe on the screen to go left, right, or back. But it's not nearly as responsive as it would be if you were just tapping a direction on a d-pad, and that was immediately obvious on my first game using the controller, in which I broke my previous high score.

Crossy Road prides itself on in-app content that doesn't offer anyone a leg up over people who don't pay any money, since every character controls exactly the same, just offering some cosmetic changes to the character (and sometimes the entire world). But it seems that anyone with an MFi controller now has an advantage.

This update seems only available for iOS version right now, although developer Hipster Whale is certainly working on the Android update as well.

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UPDATE- While playing as any of the Australian animals the world changes into a dark brown desert, and crocodiles appear in the water. Much as in Crossy Road's obvious inspiration Frogger, you can safely jump on them to cross, so long as you're not near the head.

Also as some of our commentators below have noted, one of the you can earn the Drop Bear seemingly at random while playing through the game as an Australian animal. It will be sitting on a tree at some point and jump and kill your character, which will unlock it for future play.

More as we hear it.

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