PewDiePie Gets Silly Blurb On 'Dying Light' In-Store Marketing

By Donyae , Updated Jan 28, 2015 10:46 AM EST

Sometimes, the internet melts into the real world. This is a fun thing usually but sometimes it's just weird. Dying Light has turned to the internet for its new marketing and included a quote from the prolific gamer PewDiePie by way of recommendation.

PewDiePie Reaches New Heights In Subscription Numbers For YouTube

The new displays for Dying Light that have been shipped out for stores include the line "I love this game. It's sooo awesome!" from vlogger PewDiePie, famous for his Let's Play Videos. This wouldn't be so strange but some of these displays only include the quote from PewDiePie reported Hardcore Gamer.

Is this the future?

First Impressions of Dying Light, Zombie Action, Co-Op Gameplay, And Parkour

Sure PewDiePie is an internet phenomenon, his videos have amassed millions of views and he makes millions of dollars from basically playing games, screaming, and posting it on YouTube. Kids love him. Parents don't understand him. But is his word enough to sell games on?

Pewd's channel has launched many a career of Indie gamers. He doesn't just play the big titles, he showcases the little guys and some of those went on to gain actual fans and players, all thanks to on YouTuber. So it might in fact be good enough to sell on.

No more star ratings. No more official reviews. Just your internet bro basically recommending a game to you.

It's almost like we've gone back in time to the early days before video game journalism. When the only way to know if a game was good or not was to ask your friends. Now you can get your recommendations from the biggest bro on the internet.

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