'Vainglory' Update 1.7.1 Adds New Hero Ardan And Wealth Of Gameplay Options [NEW GAMEPLAY VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Jan 31, 2015 09:18 AM EST

Super Evil MegaCorp has released the next major update to their very, very good mobile MOBA title Vainglory. The new content brings us the brand new hero, Ardan, as wel as several new heroic upgrades and gameplay fixes.

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Ardan is a "technologist specialist" who can be played as either a Protector Tank - soaking up damage for other units- or a Warrior Bruiser, the guy who hits big. His powers "reshape the battlefield, allowing his allies to seek better positioning while discouraging his enemies from doing the same."

He also plays very differently to the other heroes in Vainglory due to his quest for vengeance. Or rather, his vengeance meter, another all new game mechanic. Instead of energy, Ardan fills up his vengeance meter via basic attacks and "protecting teammates", and when the meter is full, he can unleash his special abilities. It is similar to the Blizzard mechanic Rage in Warcraft and, obviously, Vengeance in Diablo III.

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Ardan's perk is Julia's Gift, which heals him for 1% of his health every time he takes damage. Julia was Ardan's wife, who met a tragic end in the character's backstory. "Her last breath was his name, and with came the last otherworldly green swirl of her magic. It hit him, Julia's last gift becoming a part of him, wrapping around his insides, giving him the burst of strength he needed."

However sweet the story may be, alas, Ardan can never heal the full amount of damage he took using Julia's Gift.

Ardan's other abilities include Vanguard, in which he can dash towards an ally and damages and slows nearby enemies. Blood For Blood, on the otherhand, launches Ardan into the air and he slams down with a punch that deals crystal as well as weapon damage. Ardan needs 100% Vengeance, as this ability consumes all of it. Finally, Gauntlet. He literally throws down the Gauntlet, and creates "a perimeter around the target area and gaining full vengeance. Enemies who cross the perimeter are stunned and take crystal damage."

Several more tweaks and upgrades came as part of Update 1.1.7, including better support for your own music, better matchmaking and a minor changes to various other Hero abilities. Read the full list here, and watch Ardan's video below!

Two more heroes will be coming soon to Vainglory. Check back here in the coming weeks for more.

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