The Walking Dead Season 5 News And SPOILERS: Daryl And Maggie Changed Drastically By Shocking Death

By Donyae , Updated Feb 12, 2015 11:54 AM EST

The death of Beth in The Walking Dead has had far reaching consequences for the group. The two people most affected by this death were perhaps, hands down, Maggie and Daryl. One was her sister, the other had grown close to her. Both will be changed drastically by her death.

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Robert Kirkman, series creator, sat down with Entertainment Weekly and discussed the coming changes. As expected, Maggie will be fairly shattered by her sister's death.

"And it was an uplifting moment and a moment of hope when she was told that Beth was out there and Beth was actually alive, but then she immediately found out the opposite. And so it was really kind of a gut wrenching series of events that she's had to experience, and that'll weigh on her tremendously," Kirkman said.

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We've discussed in the past that Maggie will be in a dark place with the coming episodes. She doesn't seem to have fallen very far yet but the coming episodes may see her with enough space and time to really begin that dark spiral.

Meanwhile, resident badass Daryl Dixon will also see some repercussions from the death of Beth. Before her passing, the two became rather close. Her death weighed heavily on him.

"So I think we'll definitely see a big shift in the way he interacts with everybody moving forward," Kirkman said in response to a question about how the character would react.

Daryl has grown from a sort of racist redneck to one of the most beloved and trustworthy characters in the series. The death of Beth may send him back to his old ways.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC.

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