Super Smash Bros Rayman Leak Confirmed As A Fake, Creator Shows Us How He Did It In New Video

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Feb 15, 2015 07:00 PM EST

Few rumors gain traction and excitement as quickly as Super Smash Bros character reveals, and a supposed leak of Rayman as a playable DLC character captivated the internet over the weekend.

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The poster of the video that began the rumor, Artsy Omni, has since revealed it as a hoax. It was certainly one of the more convincing fakes we've seen, and took a lot of artistic talent and planning. The original video (since removed) showed Ubisoft's character as a playable fighter on the character select screen, complete with art and animations.

The effort that went into the fake made it pretty believable, and Artsy Omni has now shown us how he did it. In the video below, you can watch a walkthrough of the hoax's creation, which had quite a lot of steps. He had to create art for Rayman and Mewtwo (as a confirmed DLC character, the Pokemon's presence was necessary), find places for both the characters on the menu, and make the background animation blend in with the two new characters.

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It took a lot of Photoshop work and manipulation, and it's really pretty impressive. This will only make people even more skeptical of leaks and rumors, as it's clear talented people with the right technology can make more convincing fakes than ever. It's also disappointing, as Rayman would be a pretty great addition to the Super Smash Bros roster. Maybe some day!

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