Latest Candy Crush Soda Saga Update Brings You To The Sweetopia, Adds 15 New Levels

By Steve Buja , Updated Feb 20, 2015 09:10 AM EST

They say that making soda is easy. Well, it certainly must be because Candy Crush Soda Saga has added yet another update in what feels like as many weeks.

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So, brush up, floss and we highly recommend getting checked up by your dentist - either before or after firing up the latest update to the game - though, to be safe, you should probably do both.

The latest update (which brings us to version 1.36.10) brings to the sugary, diabetic paradise where tooth decay doesn't happen: Sweetopia. The new episode once again brings 15 levels of hyped up crushing madness, giving players 285 levels to chug their way through.

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That's what you do, right? You chug the candy flavored soda (like Fanta) and then you crush the soda can on your head? If that's not the makings of an epic saga, I don't know what is.

King, the game's developer, has also added a new Jelly Cake. By removing - or perhaps...crushing? - all of the pieces, you will inadvertently trigger some sort of baked-in incendiary device and bam, all the surrounding pieces come falling down.

Be sure to use the Candy Bears (because Gummi Bears was trademarked, right? Why I oughtta...) to crunch on the Color Bombs. They live for that sort of thing. They are anthropomorphized bits of candy made in the shape of bears, whose only purpose is to be devoured.

Give them this, please.

You can download Candy Crush Soda Saga right now, for free! The game does not yet come with a dentist's warning but perhaps it should...

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