New Shadow Of Mordor Infographic Proves Talion To Be History's Greatest Monster: Kills Nearly Six Billion Orcs

By Steve Buja , Updated Feb 24, 2015 09:44 AM EST

In the months since its release, players have killed more Uruk-Hai in Shadow of Mordor than nearly all six Middle-Earth films have grossed combined.

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That's a lot of orcs! Monolith Productions, the creators behind the game have released a new infographic because reading words is so 2007. We need an infographic on infographics for the circle to be complete.

To put it another way, as Monolith has done, you have effectively killed off quite nearly the entire population of the world - had the world been populated by nothing but Uruk-Hai. That's a lot of dark magic involved in creating them, as they are not birthed traditionally. 5.6 BILLION dude uruks. No wonder they're so damn grumpy all the time.

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An additional 1.3 BILLION Uruks were slaughtered by other Uruks who had been dominated by Talion.

These stats essentially make Talion history's greatest monster. You understand this, correct? You killed an entire race - an entire planet of creatures - for vengeance? Dude, that's so far beyond ice cold I think it is approaching absolute zero.

The Uruks, meanwhile, were not as prolific, numbering just over 72 million Talions killed. Of those 72 million, roughly 10 million resurrected and found vengeance against the Uruk who killed him.

Players also managed to interrupt over 2 million feasts because you all have no respect for manners or timing. At least let them enjoy a final meal before you go and lop their heads off, you monsters!

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