Power Ranger Fan Film: Saban Fires Back And Has Gritty Reboot Pulled From Site For Copyright Infringment

By Donyae , Updated Feb 26, 2015 02:52 PM EST

Three days ago we were blessed with what may have been the greatest fan video ever to exist in the history of fan films, Joseph Kahn's brutal take on Power Rangers. Just as quickly as it was given to us, the full NSFW version was pulled. But why?

Power/Rangers Is The Gritty Reboot Of The 90s Sensation You Didn't Know You Needed

As it turns out, the copyright holders, Saban, really do not approve of the dark and gritty revamp of their beloved (and still running) series, reports Deadline.

The reason it was pulled from VIMEO is that the service was sent a takedown notice from Saban Brands who currently hold the rights to the popular live action children's show. VIMEO had no choice but to remove the video.

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 n is not taking this lying down. He's already set to fight this as he shared in a series of tweets.

"If you'd like to keep watching, tell them to stop harassing me. Every image in Power/Rangers is original footage. Nothing was pre-existing. There is no copyrighted footage in the short. I am not making any money on it and I refuse to accept any from anyone. It was not even Kickstarted, I paid for it myself. This was made to be given away for free. It is just as if I drew a pic of Power Rangers on a napkin and I gave it to my friend. Is it illegal to give pic I drew of a character on a napkin to someone for free? No."

This is all in the early stages of the possible legal battle to come and raises some questions about copyright, parody, and derivative works which has been a major issue for work shared in the digital age over the last years.

Until then, fans can still see the edited version on YouTube.

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