Clash Of Clans Update Strategy: Watch This Clan Perks Video Guide For Maximum Victory

By Steve Buja , Updated Feb 26, 2015 03:05 PM EST

The recent update to Clash of Clans brought new and exciting improvements to the Clan system. While it is ultimately a good thing, it can also be a little confusing. Don't worry, we've brought some help.

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Of all the new features, the one that may cause the most headaches are the new Clan Perks, which creates more of a village atmosphere, where folks works towards new goals and improve their and their neighbor's situation, rather than the Greek confederation of militarily allied city-states.

Teams can now advance from level one to ten, gaining XP through Clan Wars, but what exactly comes from the perks? YouTuber ClashOnGan is here to deliver finer points and minutiae into an easy to digest package. The full video is below, but here are the highlights.

Here's What's New In Clash Of Clans

First, Clan Perks DO apply anywhere, be it in Clan Wars or during your own adventures. You will always have them, but only as long as you are in a Clan. The moment you leave any Clan, you lose any perks they have achieved.

Those perks you unlock at each level do not remove the previous perks. For instance, at level two your troop request wait time is reduced by five minutes (from 20 to 15 minutes). At level three, however, the perk is a 20% troop donation refund. You get to keep both of these. The exception being that perks of the same variety - War loot bonuses, for instance, are more like sequential upgrades and are not stacks. At level one, it's 10%, but at level two, the bonus is 15%. That is not an additional 15% on top of the previous 10%, it's a smaller increase of simply 5%.

The same applies to troop donation refund. You'll get a max 50% refund whenever you donate any unit to a clan member.

Troop Upgrade - at level 10, regardless of the level of your donated troops, they can be powered-up by a maximum of two levels. A level five archer becomes a level seven, for instance. Please note, you cannot upgrade past the maximum level of any unit. Which is kind of a bummer.

Earning Clan XP is a bit tricky, the simple idea is: win, and you get XP. But ClashOnGan (Evan) breaks it down a bit further. You gain Clan XP by:

Destroying an enemy war base (at least 1 star)
Earn 40 to 60 percent of the maximum number of stars available in the war (varies by war size)
WIN! (Duh)

The emphasis is on team victory, so ultimately winning the Clan War will award the most amount of XP (50 XP total).

Watch the full video for more details!

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