Power Rangers Fan Film: The Green Ranger Is Not A Fan Of New Dark Reboot [VIDEO]

By Donyae , Updated Feb 27, 2015 11:55 AM EST

Power/Rangers is having its fair share of issues. After releasing the "deboot" of the popular children show which showed ultra-violence and a little bit of nudity, the NSFW video was pulled from the internet by Saban, the copyright holders. We know they're not happy with it but what do the former stars of the show have to say?

Saban Moves To Have Gritty Power/Rangers Film Pulled From The Net

While original Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson and Black Ranger Walter Jones, both voiced support and enjoyment for the new take on the show, reports Comicbook, their enemy turned friend, Green Ranger Jason David Frank does not have such cuddly feelings towards the video.

It turns out that even though his character was one of the main ones featured in the story, he's not a fan of the remake for much the same reason that Saban isn't as he reveals in a video on the matter.

Power/Rangers Is The Dark, Gritty Reboot That We Want And Deserve

"The Super Mega Force and Power Rangers: Dino Charge are still on Nickelodeon. So you can't take a brand like this and reboot it so dark and gritty because you're not separating. The adults love it but then you've got to fall back to the kids. You still have the kids that want to watch Power Rangers. We have to be responsible and know that this still is a kid's brand."

He's right, there are a great deal of children who are really into the show but Frank believes that the brand should stay with children even though everyone who started with the first season is well into adulthood now.

Frank also revealed that he had had been approached to do the film and declined but would be open to making an official Lionsgate production.

You can watch his statement below.

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