Clash Of Clans Update Strategy Guide Video: The 'Go-Diva' Assaults Annhilates The Enemy In A Rain Of AOE Fire

By Steve Buja , Updated Mar 17, 2015 01:15 PM EDT

When you're playing at the top tiers of Clash of Clans, with all your fancy Town Halls and maxed out bases, you'll spend a lot of time trophy hunting in an attempt to reach the pinnacle of Clash of Clans glory. Figuring out how to achieve that, on the other hand, can be a whole different set of problems.

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Enter Galadon of Clash of Clans Attacks. He is here to serve you, the humble viewer and Clash of Clans player. You don't have time to think of unique and interesting strategies, let alone ones that might work. Leave it to the experts!

Galadon is back with a new and highly effective attack strategy: the Go-Diva, a variation on the classic GoWiPe ground assault. The attack utilizes the Golem - hence the 'go' part, but instead of Wizards and PEKKA, it's a whole host of the more, uh...vain units. We could say 'the girl' units, but as we know, the Wizard is the most vain of them all. Besides, I don't see the Healers anywhere.

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So it's a beauty and the beast type assault that is effective for the sheer amount of AOE damage it can inflict. Yes, the units themselves might go down quickly - which is why you have the Golems there to soak up the damage - but so do the enemy buildings. The Valkyries alone can take down several closely packed buildings in no time with their whirlwind attack.

Check out Galadon as he mows throw three separate bases, each with a handy two star victory. You might find yourself employing the same tactic.

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