Destiny Guide: Rounding Up All Of Our Tips, Tricks, And Lists For Bungie's Online Shooter

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Mar 19, 2015 04:46 PM EDT

Destiny is a complicated game, and a lot of its high-level features are not explained very well. We're in a bit of a lull for now as we wait for the House of Wolves expansion to release, so it's a good time to round up all of our guides and tips for the game as it stands so far.

An Open Letter To Destiny's Xur, The Merchant Who Can't Get It Right

For Beginners

This was the first set of tips, aimed at those just jumping into the game. Destiny has changed, but the general rules for leveling up and having fun still apply. If you have The Dark Below expansion, there are new ways to level up--read our tips on how to use the Vanguard gear to hit level 30 quickly.

Weekly Activity Guide

There are certain tasks you'll want to accomplish each week, especially if you only have a couple of hours to play. Prioritize these missions and objectives to maximize your gear and currency gains each week, from running Strikes to shopping at Xur.

Watch A Player Defeat Raid Boss Crota By Himself Without Using Any Guns   

Understanding The Crucible And Iron Banner

The competitive multiplayer is its own beast, separate from the majority of the game. Its importance did diminish when Factions took a back seat to the new Vanguard gear for those who purchased The Dark Below. That said, learn how it can still be played for fun, and how Marks can buy gear and resources. In addition, the limited-time Iron Banner event is running now until next week and returns every month--read the guide to understand how it works.

Supplemental Resources

Destiny's activities are hard to keep track of, and the community has created a variety of third-party resources that make it easier for players. These sites will help you find fireteams, track public events, and learn about the game's gear. Additionally, the new companion app for iOS and Android (and the browser) version recently became much more useful.

Weapons, Weapons Everywhere

From Legendaries to Exotics, from Auto Rifles to Rocket Launchers, we've got you covered. Here are links to our rankings of the best weapons across multiple tiers and weapon types:

Best Exotic Weapons

Best Legendary Weapons

Best Auto Rifles

Best Hand Cannons

Best Sniper Rifles

Best Rocket Launchers

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