Dying Light April Fools Update Will Give Players Super Strength For A Day [VIDEO]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Mar 31, 2015 10:07 AM EDT

April Fools' Day is looming large tomorrow, one of the game industry's favorite days for devising new games modes, fake updates, or ridiculous bonus content.

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Techland is opting for a limited-time update to Dying Light, which will essentially give players super strength. The developers are releasing it under the guise of a contaminated batch of Antizin injections, which is having mysterious effects on users.

You can see the new powers in action in the video below. Many of the most amusing Dying Light clips involve zombies being sent flying by a drop kick or other attack--this update is basically that, all the time. Kicks, punches, and pretty much everything else sends enemies hurling through the air, and it looks like a lot of fun.

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This will only be an April Fools' Day gift for fans to enjoy--the changes will last for just 24 hours according to the developers:

"All undelivered Antizin crates have been destroyed, and we would like to assure the survivors that untainted drops will resume as of April 2nd. We urge all the survivors to use extreme care when exhibiting symptoms of the contaminated Antizin injections." - says Hudson Jenkins, spokesman for the GRE.

I don't personally mind if I have to play with super strength, but I do wonder if there's a way to opt out--just in case there's someone out there who, you know, doesn't want to send zombies flying with a punch.

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